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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads) Assam State Road Board

Establishment of ASRB


Assam State Road Board (ASRB) was established in year 2003 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, by way of a Cabinet Approval of Government of Assam (GoA), and it is currently not active to undertake functioning for the intended objectives, for which it was set up. Presently it is functioning with functionaries of the Public Works Roads Department (PWRD) as a state level agency for execution of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in the state and receiving and disbursing funds for works funded by other departments/agencies, managing the Assam Road Maintenance Fund (ARMF).

ASRB is an autonomous body comprising members nominated by GoA. The General Body (GB) of the Board comprises of 16 members with the Hon. Chief Minister of Assam as the President and the Minister, PWD as the Vice President. The Commissioner and Special Secretary, PWRD, GoA is the ex-officio Member Secretary of the GB. The Executive Committee (EC) of the Board has 9 members with the Member Secretary of the GB as the ex-officio Chairman and the Secretary, PWRD, GoA as the exofficio Secretary. For smooth conduct of accounting of vital funds and timely reporting an Accounts Cell was set up in ASRB at its own cost. This Cell conducts accounting of PMGSY Programme Funds, Administrative Funds, Maintenance Funds, ASRB Maintenance Funds and Road Maintenance Fund (RMF). This cell is headed by the Chief Accounts Officer (CAO) who reports to the Empowered Officer for PMGSY i.e. the Chief Engineer, PWD (Roads). The CAO is assisted by two Assistant Executive Engineers (AEEs), four Chartered Accountants (CAs), two Deputy Accounts Officers and two Assistant Accounts Officers.


The flagship programme Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yajona for rural road connectivity to habitations is implemented through the Assam State Road Board. The Assam Road Maintenance Fund (ARMF) is also implemented through the Assam State Road Board. Other notable projects include the World Bank aided Assam State Roads Project. The Table below shows the accounts and activities carried out under ASRB accounts:

PMGSY Programme FundPayment to contractors towards PMGSY works
PMGSY Administrative FundPayments towards administrative expenses incurred by ASRB, PIUs for the operation of PMGSY and for quality management of PMGSY works
PMGSY Maintenance FundPayment to contractors towards routine and periodic maintenance and special repair of roads constructed under PMGSY
ASRB Maintenance FundPayment towards administrative of ASRB
Mukhyamantrir Pakipath Nirman Achani Fund (MPNA)Payment to contractors towards construction of rural roads not covered under PMGSY and other schemes
Assam PWD Computerisation Project (APCP) FundPayment to consultants towards fee for consultancy services for APCP and other related expenses
Assam State Road Project (ASRP) FundPayment to contractors towards ASRP works, other related expenses like land acquisition expenditure, Rehabilitation and Resettlement expenditure etc.
National Games FundRoad improvement works, construction of boundary walls were carried out as part of the preparation for National Games but now the account is closed
Maintenance Fund (Building)Payment to contractors towards maintenance of PWRD Buildings
NHAI for PWD Road MaintenancePayment to contractors towards maintenance of roads under PWRD
ASRB OIL Deposit FundFund under this account head is deposited by OIL for construction/maintenance of roads under PWRD
Deposit Works of Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI)Payment to contractors towards construction/maintenance of roads
Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) FundPayment to contractors towards construction/maintenance of roads

The yearly turnover of ASRB for the period from 2003-04 to 2015-16 is presented in the Table below:

YearFunds Received
(INR crore)
(INR crore)