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Government Of Assam Public Works (Roads) Assam State Road Board

Institutional Strengthening of ASRB

  • The road institutional building process will facilitate the Board to undergo developments at least in the six perspectives namely Strategic, Finance, Legal, Road Planning and Operations, Organisation Development and Management Information System / Information Technology (MIS/IT). It includes an analysis of existing policies and organisations for preparing detailed Institutional Building mechanism along with recommendations on preferred alternative and way forward.

    The study deals with the proposed redesign of the Assam State Road Board, roles, organisation structure, existing business processes along with possible reform measures envisaged in other road agencies of the state. It includes:

    • Review of functioning of existing road agencies of Assam.
    • Strengthening of ASRB involving three (3) tasks:
      1. AS-IS Assessment / Situation Analysis of existing functioning of ASRB,
      2. Benchmarking to National/ International Best Practices
      3. TO-BE / Strengthened ASRB: based on the information gathered at AS-IS Assessment stage and Benchmarking, to re-design model functions and government compliant processes, organisation structure, human resources, financial and audit arrangements relationship with State Road Agencies.
    • Restructuring / Strengthening State’s Road Agency engaged in the development, maintenance and management of State Highways, Major District Roads, Urban Roads and Rural Roads. This is mainly to provide in a concise and convenient form, a list of major actions involved in responding to strengthened business processes of ASRB with indicative measures for planning, programming, execution, preparedness, response, implementation and maintenance measures.