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Assam Road Maintenance Fund

Assam Road Maintenance Fund during 2016-17

5497 - Financial Support for maint.of State Road by PWRD fiscal year 2016-17 is Rs. 122828.28 Lakhs for 5718.19 length of road works and 208 no of SPT bridges.


Assam Road Maintenance Fund Rules, 2014

"Assam Road Maintenance Policy" and the "Assam Road Maintenance Fund Rules" came into force with effect from 25 September, 2014. Its main objectives are
(i) to make available funds to ASRB on a sustainable and dependable basis for maintenance of State Roads as per Assam Road Maintenance Operation Plan (ARMOP);
(ii) Perform the routine maintenance and repair works timely to avoid the further deterioration and expenditure and
(iii) Ensure priority for maintenance of the Core Road Network.

Salient features:

  • Sources of Funding: The Fund is stated to consist of all or any of the allocation by the State Govt., Central Road Fund, Central Grants, and other sources such as User charges and Fees, Cess, levies, tax revenues etc. as may be considered appropriate by the state government.
  • Utilization: Fund so accumulated is to be utilized for maintenance of all roads in the state i.e. State Highways, Major District Roads, Rural roads and Urban Roads falling under the jurisdiction of PWRD.
  • Norms of Maintenance: Cover routine and periodic maintenance, special and flood damage repairs and other emergency work.
  • Inventory, Road Condition and Traffic Surveys: To be taken up regularly every year by PWRD after monsoon and the inventory needs to be updated when there is any change of road in length, width, formation or in geometry and change in bridge, / culvert structure.
  • Management: ASRB to formulate ARMOP, administer, manage, monitor and review physical progress and exercise financial control.
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